Kob is Professor for Business Security and Cybersecurity at the University of Applied Sciences of Vienna and, since 2012, leader of the research field Corporate Security and Information Security. He has also designed and structured the course of study “Certified Security Manager” at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management since 2010. Earlier, he had teaching assignments at the Technical University of Berlin and the University of Applied Sciences Brandenburg.

Decades of Research and Development
  • in the fields of IT-security, business security and emergency management
  • numerous accolades and awards, including the 1997 Berlin-Brandenburg Innovation Prize, and the 2015 ASW Bundesverband Prize
  • as board member of Bitkom, Kob is responsible for the cybersecurity department and produced the study “Costs of a Breach in Cybersecurity,” among others
Research Projects
Prominent research projects, funded by either BMBF or the EU, include:
  • Baseline business security/WISPER – the transfer of the concept and structure of BSI-IT baseline security to non-technical aspects, such as know-how, product protection, anti-fraud management, travel security, and also physical and personal security.
  • ALARM – Development of a platform for providing technical support for saving lives
  • TankNotStrom – Securing energy availability during blackouts
  • AQUA IT – Development of protective measures against cyber attacks for small to mid-sized providers of critical infrastructure and conception of a lab for testing the IT-security of cybernetics and control technologies
"The problem of cybersecurity is not the lack of availability of technical solutions, but rather a shortage of competent people."